August 23, 2013

OK, Am I on Candid Camera?

In my very last post, I put up a picture of the scrap that I found at the sycamore tree while mowing the lawn on Sunday.To refresh your collective memories, it looks like this:
Today, at the base of the maple tree that sits 100 feet away from the sycamore, I found this:
Its not from the same flag as Scrap #1, since the strips are much narrower.



  1. Replies
    1. It surely is, but of what? That I am supposed to hang a flag on Independence Day? Run for Congress? Enlist in the Marines????

  2. hmmm. one more and we'll really have to wonder.

    1. One more will really throw me over the edge. We live in the midst of colonial americana, about 3 miles from where Geo Washington crossed the Delaware, maybe I have a ghost from then

  3. well I guess you'll have to do something with them Julie! perhaps something about composting and greening the American Dream?