December 17, 2015

Eat, Pray, Sit

The first day looked like this.

Those italicized words are Jewish prayer services: morning, afternoon, night

You get the picture. And you probably get why my last meditation on the end of the first day involved an elaborate plan for escaping to a nearby bed and breakfast and spending three days in the craft shops and swell restaurants dotting the gentrified villages of the Hudson River Valley.

My higher self prevailed. I stuck it out, only to wake to a second day that had the rip-roaring zip of the first.
But something happened somewhere in the midst of all that sitting. A heart began to crack open, a soul began to reach out...and by the end of the next two days (see above: meditate, eat, pray, repeat), I...I...I am having so much trouble finding the right words.

Well, actually, I know the right words. They just sound stupid.

I see differently.

I will share more as soon as I take the final exam: figuring out how to upload photos from my phone onto my computer without throwing the phone against the wall or eating the entire box of Christmas cookies Himself brought home from the office.