June 14, 2013

Coming Attractions

Taking photographs here in Spain is a challenge. The "calendar ready"  images cover every corner: white washed walls dotted with terra cotta pots of red geraniums, curving cobalt blue Gaudi tiles in the afternoon sun...the town that painted itself Smurf Blue to host Sony's world premiere of a Smurf movie in 2011 (ok, that one is not a cliche but it is real and I wanted to make sure I was holding your attention.)

What is a girl to do?  How about a focus, like Jude gives to her work? Wings, white, windows, and even things that do not start with a W.

So please return to this space sometime next week to see...ta-da...The Nine Patches of Spain.

PS To paraphrase the Wizard, pay no attention to the little box below if there is one on your screen. It is my ipad trying to wrest control of my blog from me.