July 8, 2018

Home Dec

We had a lot of construction around here this winter. Mostly so Himself, now retired and a full time woodworker, could have a studio that 1) facilitates the level of craftsmanship he has attained and 2) does away with the need to climb over large power tools butted up against one another like a herd of sheep at shearing season.  (You can see pictures of the tools now running free over at our website.)

Being the opportunist that I am, I agreed to sign off on the New Studio Bill if I could attach to it House Amendment #2018, stipulating new kitchen cabinets and countertops. We tiled the backsplashes ourselves and managed to stay married. But we deliberately left one stretch undone, so that I could go to it with my broken china, bottles, and other ephemera that I have dug up in the finest trash heaps the United States has to offer.

I am really happy with the result. (And yes, my favorite woodworker made that counter top).
The strange object on the left is called a "land line."
I spent lots of time trolling Pinterest for ideas and latched on to two of them: making it flow along the wall, instead of covering it. And letting it come out of the wall, adding dimension and the whimsy that I so love. That made good use of the intact pieces I have found.

While I was rushing to get this done in time for a Memorial day weekend wedding in our backyard, I asked Himself to focus on one of the outside projects. I love the sound of running water. Could he come up with an idea for a fountain that we could hook into the return valve on the pool? 

He did.
 "How will that fit into the wedding that the millenial bride and groom are imagining? I asked.  

"Hmmm. You're right," he said.  

But it didn't him long to come up with a solution.