August 21, 2013

Odds and Ends

Look at these cuties!

They're the new patches on my old shirts, masking (L) a stain and (R) a jagged tear from a vicious door knob.
These shirts were laying in my sewing basket for months...along with one red linen dress with a historical artifact (my drippy appetizer at a Mexican restaurant at the beginning of the summer). I was really pleased how the shirt mending came out but couldn't seem to create the right patch for the dress.

The next day (I am not making this up), I was mowing the lawnweeds and looked down to see this cradled in the errant roots of the sycamore tree.
Understand that we live no where near a parade ground. Or a flag store. Understand that in 17 years, I have never found a scrap of any fabric of any type on our property. I appreciate a sign when I see one, even if it is not really the right shade of salsa.

And in other news, the mosaic table is coming along nicely.
I have closed the nipper joint (not the blade, what do you think I am, stupid?) on the thumb of one hand and the palm of the other. I have stepped on the tiny shards that are colonizing into their own table beneath my work surface. And today, I stabbed myself with the microforceps I am using to pull up the dried tile adhesive. As I was placing each piece of the mosaic, I thought perhaps in ancient times, I would have been a tile artist. But I probably would have been dead of sepsis after the first atrium floor.


  1. the tile is amazing--wondering about the gluing down process? after the design is to your liking? do you remove everything and start gluing? do you glue as you go? oh so many questions. but it's so beauty full.

    1. I set up a ring or so at a time and then go back and glue. I think once I decided on a color pizza in the center, I glued each color or every two colors at a time. I just pick up one piece at a time, hit it w glue, and then stick it back. So far everything you see is glued.

    2. PS.. we really need to ask Nadia about the right way to do that part of it

  2. the table is so GREAT. i had the urge off and on in my life, but never followed through. i am really
    loving being a part of Your process...What Energy it will give its room.....
    and the mends...doesn't it feel just so good to look down on something you're wearing and
    see that mend....
    i have gotten totally into the ummmm, oh, rats, i can't think of the word right now...but the
    mending that extends the stitching on out into the surrounding cloth...ACK, why does that
    term always evade me when i want it....Jude teaches this....
    hope you know what i mean

    1. I love "ACK"...I first read it in Charlie Brown and it has always stuck with me. And thanks for remembering integrated applique, I do love it and find it is a good way to lay track when nothing else is coming to mind.

    2. ps table is all done, photos to come before I grout it and it all disappears.