November 10, 2014

Speaking of Old Stuff

My ex-husband used to say that my idea of a large crowd and his idea of a small intimate gathering involved exactly the same number of people. I've been that way about parties from the start.
That's two year old me. In red, naturally.
This weekend, the Divine Ms S hosted a birthday party in honor of my 60th birthday (which is actually this Wednesday, but Himself only socializes on Saturdays between 6:15 and 9:30 pm.) I made the guest list and went crazy:
Six other people!!! My parents, Himself, Mr and Mrs E, and the Divine Ms S. Unfortunately, Dr J (the gynecologist, not the basketball player) couldn't make it.  If I add in Other Julie in Jerusalem, the list of my friends is complete. Actually, if I subtract my mom and dad (I was raised on two refrains, one of which was "we are NOT your friends, we are your parents...")...

...then I have five friends.

Actually, four girlfriends and one husband.

Parts of me really envy people who have housefuls of friends. However, when I actually tiptoe into socializing with that much intensity, my head spins, my throat closes and I feel yanked off my center.  I do know that my friendships are incredibly intimate and since it takes time...real feed and water these intimacies, I think this might be it for my Lifetime Guest List.

The intimacy gives birth to wonders. After a sweet toast, my father stood (that alone borders on wonderous, since he is pretty clumsy to begin with and 87 years haven't helped any) and told us all about the day I was born.  Who gets to be 60 and hears her father talk about the evening Mom's water broke? And even at this age, I felt warmed by my daddy's love for me when he recalled seeing me for the first time and "all I could see was two giant blue eyes."

The Divine Ms S outdid herself on creating  her signature warmth and beauty with color...
Say hello to E's Cheese Cutter Guy on left
 ...and the sweetest of little touches just for me.
The flames are different colors!
I take no issue with turning 60, these days number among the best in my life. But I am overwhelmed by disbelief. Didn't I just have on a little red outfit with a party hat and a chocolate cake with marshmellow bunnies? Didn't I?