August 29, 2013

Post It Notes from Heaven

There were no bits and pieces of flags in my yard this weekend...apparently my Angel got her hands on a raspberry gel pen and a yellow post-it note.  Because in the park this weekend, dogs and I turned the corner, stopping at a large grey boulder that Billy and Clutch say is the park's canine sign-in sheet. And there it was, just sitting there.
This seems like a timely thought as Elul winds down and the hard stuff, the opening of the soul, is right around the corner. This particular thought doesn't seem like much of a challenge anymore, I'm happy to forgive myself for just about anything these days. So I need to go back to the park and see what else she's got.


  1. Replies
    1. Part of the Jewish holiday thing is to ask other people (face to face, no emailing or texting!) to please forgive you for hurts you may have caused them in the past year. Always hard. Maybe I should hand out post it notes????

  2. you FOUND this?!! my oh my, if so.