May 22, 2014

Clutch Goes to Work

Defying the unemployment statistics for non-college grads, Clutch got himself a job!

He is excited about having a photo ID, but thinks the uniform makes him look fat.
My ultimate goal in getting Clutch his TDI certification is to work in the Tail-Waggin Tutors program. Kids who are poor or self-conscious readers find it less threatening to read to a dog and Clutch is happy to curl up to anyone who wants to cuddle him. There are several schools in my area who have the program in place and we will start there in the fall. Meanwhile, TDI sent along a list of nursing homes in the area who welcome visits from dogs, so that will be one of my summer adventures.

While I am generous in volunteering my time for behind-the-scenes action, I generally feel nervous  being out in front with those in need. So I like the idea of hiding behind Clutch as I take some steps out of my comfort zone. 

Clutch likes the idea too,mostly because he will do anything to get out of those 5-mile walks.