March 24, 2015


I was about as energetic as a slab of beef in a slow cooker for most of the winter and didn't post much because I couldn't think deeply.  Now I have plenty to say and can't touch down for all the activity whirling around me. Wedding quilts, book quilts, my little Dog Star cloth of Clutch...travelling plans (mine)and wedding plans (kid)... a class on the Psalms at rabbi school and a teaching I am going to do on Passover both at my synagogue and for my unlucky guests at our seder table...and then of course, should it ever stop snowing for long enough, get the yard clean and the Garden birthed.

I really do have something Big to say, a lot of thinking these past few weeks on Grace's post about the notion of "coming into one's own." What this means to me.  As soon as my heart rate slows down, I'll be back to this placeholder of a topic.

Meanwhile, to fulfill Julie P's last request (not coming out right but you know what I mean), feast your eyes on our little Molly. She is sweet and bouncy and looks at the camera like she's a teenage actress posing for paparazzi all her life: