May 30, 2014

Off to Make My Mark

Its finally time for me to head out to Dorothy Caldwell's week-long class called "Human Marks." Here's a bit from the course description:
The marks we make record time and human energy. Working with paper and cloth this workshop will examine different kinds of marks including stitching, resist and batik, discharge, drawn and painted marks and more unconventional marks such as burning, piercing, and mending.
Which explains why the required course materials look like this:
As if all this cool stuff wasn't enough, the workshop is in Nancy Crow's timber frame barn about 8 hours away, in Ohio. With a cook who serves lunch and dinner.

I will take lots of pictures, when I am not burning, piercing, or mending.

See you in a week.

Being Like a Pea Plant

I always thought I was a zinnia or sunflower plant...a single stalk, growing straight up. Maybe in a garden of like-minded plants but an independent stalk all the same.Getting enmeshed with other plantings made me feel like this peony, moments before I rescue her from the morning glory vine that is snaking around her throat.
But lately, I've been thinking about being one of these...
A sugar snap pea plant. Growing straight up, but seeking out support.
Sometimes with two hands...
You remain an independent plant, but you know to find your place against the fence.

You still grow tall.

You just don't need to do it alone.

Thank you, E.