December 29, 2014

End of Year Accounting

Things Lost in 2014

1. 32 pounds and eight bags of clothes in sizes from XL to OV (Oy Vey).
 2. Eyesight.
3. Hearing in left ear
4. Ambition
5. Clarity.

Things Gained in 2014
1. 21 completely embroidered birds...
... complete with colorful troglydytes...

...three incubating birds...
...and the last nine birds in the hatchery.

2. Two potholders pieced from the scrap box
3.  Three new editions to the Cabinet of Wondertrip journals snug in their new rugs.
4. All 293 octagons for the wedding quilt.
5. 36 completed books, according to my bedside notebook.
6. Treasured new clothes, so for almost the first time in my life, I can wear what I feel, instead of just what I can zip up and/or what camoflages.
7. Copious amounts of facial hair
8. A measured degree of surrender to What Is
9. All you supportive, lively, and lovely folks in my life. And in my heart. The very best of 2015 for you all.