November 10, 2016

So A Rabbi, A Buddhist Priest, and an Episcopal Priest Walk into a Bar...

Actually, they walked into a tiny, one-room stone Episcopal church in our Delaware River community. And they sheparded this community..well, let me back up a bit.

Yesterday, I took to my bed. Australian red licorice for breakfast. Soft caramels for lunch. You get the picture.  And I was ruminating about whether to make a run for potato chips for dinner but the idea of getting dressed was more than I could handle.  And then I received an email from my beloved Rabbi Diana:

"We wake up this morning to the aftermath of an incredibly polarizing and difficult campaign season. What we see is a country divided. Half of voters are celebrating a surprising victory for their candidate. Half of voters are mourning a shocking loss for theirs. While there is optimism and joy in some quarters, in others there is real pain, despair, fear, and foreboding about what the outcome of this election means for the country we share.”

No matter who we voted for, we all know that we and our country are in dire need of healing. To begin that process, there will be a post-election Community Conversation at St. Phillips Church at 7:00 p.m. We will listen to each other and care for each other.

Tears flowed and even though I am the opposite of a "community type," I got dressed and quasifunctional. At the church, we heard teachings from three faiths.
Many folks stood up in a room full of strangers and shared feelings of being Other...or of demonizing Others.
Community supervisors and volunteers from many social action groups spoke about where to volunteer locally, because service connects us...
And is a start to healing division.
It doesn't change anything Out There. But it changed everything in me.

And I didn't stop for potato chips on my way home.


  1. Replies
    1. I am assuming the waves are running across distant shores?

  2. Changing what is in me is where I must start..... peace.

  3. the change within, well that just about sums it all up Julie!

    1. Lets see how long it holds. It seemed a great idea on Thursday, by Friday I was coming apart at the seams again

  4. o Julie...once again, you are beyond lucky to live in an area that
    offers this.

    1. I am starting to realize the human beauty around me