November 7, 2016

Announcing Dead Horse Bay Arts Company

I've carried on about Dead Horse Bay in this blog for years now. And now, we are actually doing something about it.
We just unveiled our new crafts venture moments ago as a healthy alternative to election coverage. I started to wax poetic about it here and realized that the words I was typing felt strangely familiar. Oh. I have already said exactly what I want to say over at our website (which took me an entire summer to create and made my vocabulary swell with strange acronyms like "HTML" and "SEO").

So take a peek here to learn more about who, what...and why. 

And please don't worry about buying anything. I just want to share. If you are the social media sort and want to share the link, we'd be much obliged.



  2. Beautiful woodwork, beautiful cloth making, best of all, you two together doing what you love. Congratulations on your terrific collaboration and much success with Dead Horse Arts Company**

  3. Dead Horse Arts, that would have been rich!@ And thank you.

  4. drooling all over those cutting boards - sorry about that

    I do now understand why you've been rather absent here, busy elsewhere.....absolutely great: all of it! congratulations to you both, Sasxx

    1. That's ok, they're coated with saliva-proof oil. Specifically for people like you. I am gonna commission one for the Old Bird King for Christmas, otherwise how will he carve the goose?