November 27, 2016

Being Hot Glue

About that "Be Peace" thing?

Its really hard to do. I would find it so much less stressful to "Be Sarcastic."  Or "Be Belligerent."  Or, in the best of all possible worlds, "Be Really Honest and Just Say the Thing That Is On Your Mind."

But that wouldn't fit on a button. So I continue to bumble my way through Being Peace and find that it is driving me back to two different activities. The first is meditation. That soothes me and also serves the world by having me otherwise engaged in activities that don't involve me speaking my mind.

The second, of course, is hot glueing. Yesterday, I plugged in the hot glue gun, entered a trance, and when I came out of it, found that I had created a whole new community.

They are currently living together atop my Cabinet of Wonder, which I wrote about here but have since curated and refined. 
Like me, they are getting ready for The Unknown. In a recent lecture, Tara Brach explained it best for me.  She notes that before the election, so many of us had a story about how the world--the United States--worked. "Now," she points out, "that Story is over. But we do not yet know how the New Story will unfold. We are in that uncomfortable space between stories." Paraphrasing, she points out  that the discomfort makes us want to act (because discomfort is so intolerable).  Instead, she suggests we simply pause and deepen our awareness. There will be a time when it is appropriate to act. 

Me? I suggest hot glue.


  1. i am watching for synchronicity and making a literal note of it when
    it happens...and there is a note of this post of yours this morning...

    "she suggests we simply pause and deepen our awareness. There will be a
    time when it is appropriate to act"

    YES!...just as i have been doing...YES! pause. no pushing. so...something i have been intuitively needing to do, pause, no pushing, here you validate.
    Hot glue for you. Me, paper collage. so O K. we're good.

    1. Funny how cloth isn't working for either of us, yes? Maybe you can't have Pause and Flow at the same time? I got happy looking at your paper arrangement this morning, that's for sure.

  2. ah (((Julie))) thanks for the good deep laugh out loud & lingering afterchuckle in these strange days, you are such a good writer!

    1. thanks, Mo. Wish I could laugh.

    2. Have you read The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams? I had a strange intuition just before the US elections that Trump is actually a Vogon in disguise...

  3. Oh and wow, how I love and adore your beings. I know these kinds of critters. Of course I do. Am cladding the studio walls with wood. Feels as if I am shielding self from the Outside World. A kind of answer to what is happening

  4. Big smile for your way in scary times.

  5. I can see how being peace could be tough right now although I think peace would help. I'm pretty sure I could Be Anxious without too much help. Your assemblages create an alternate universe I would like to visit.