September 1, 2015

Ice Coming Soon

I have to put a label on a quilt, translate 24 lines of Genesis from biblical Hebrew into English for my new rabbinical class on Creation Stories and what they tell us about ourselves,and scatter some putrefaction that makes moles and voles get the hell out of my shrubs.  I need to put together a teaching for Rosh Hashanah,practice chanting my Torah portion, think about what to feed the 12 people who are coming for dinner that very same night (moles? voles?)...and, oh yes, immerse myself in deep and quiet contemplation for these remaining weeks before the Jewish New Year.

But never fear, I am also preparing your next geology lesson. It will be on ice (the topic, not the lecture), which is a fine thing to contemplate as I try to find oxygen in the humidity outdoors.


  1. Mole of mole? Vole Veloute? I'm sure either would be delicious. I'm looking forward to your explication of ice (the piece in the picture looks like a monster) when you have accomplished your daunting list of tasks. Good luck.

    1. Ah, you have been cutting recipes from Julia Child Cooks Rodent?

    2. No, I swear by The Joy of Cooking Cat Gifts.

  2. i want you to hurry, before it gets colder Here and i have to read about ice
    while i'm needing to begin to lite the wood stove in the's 61 degrees
    right in this moment and i'm COLD get crackin