July 9, 2013

The Furthest Thing from Triangles

With the last scraps of Haze Kilim triangle detritus picked off the carpet and the dogs, I am flying back with outstretched arms to Cloth Without Rules.

I find myself returning again and again to Saskia's story cloths that also tell stories in words. Especially after I saw Patricia undergo the same experience: creating a story cloth that also spun words.  Probably because they are the furthest thing from sewing triangles together, those two projects floated around me in my first free day in the studio. I started to imagine MY cloth that could write...and what it would say. I put on the soundtrack to Dances With Wolves (music that was written for me, not Kevin Costner in a loincloth). I hit the "Buffalo Hunt" track, turned the volume to its maximum and then my hands reached for the old indigo Shot Cotton that fell into my life when I cleaned Liza's drawers. I hit replay again...and again...

...and here's what came out.

There's a girl in grey and red  and a mane/tail made from Glennis's Shibori Ribbons lying in wait.


  1. s/he is glorious and i can already see the mane and tail flying
    but a girl in grey and red?????you'll have to show me and so
    i wait. she's Riding????? does she have curly hair? or stick
    straight, like mine....
    i love the drama of the surrounding mystery dark

    1. I love that I will always find a comment from you, Grace.

      Not riding...grasping the tail of the horse. I hope. She is momentarily hairless.

    2. o...eeeeeeeeeeeeee....grasping the tail......................o!