July 10, 2013

A Bowl of Memories

When we moved into this house 18 years ago, my mom bought a scraggly little raspberry stick for my youngest daughter. She wore overalls and white Carter's underwear with pink flowers (daughter, not Mom) and we planted it back near the new post-and-rail fence.

The bush has spread throughout the yard and into the field next door. The fence is now an ivy-covered wall.  Mom is 82 and doesn't remember bringing her the bush. The little girl in the overalls is gone, replaced by a 23-year-old woman whose underwear has a whole lot to do with tiny pieces of black lace.  

Me?  I get these. And everything that went into them.


  1. this is the most beautiful photograph of raspberries i've ever seen..all the points of light how they literally want to jump out, into your
    mouth....feed your mom some of these berries., yes?

  2. And here you are again, hee-hee. She already made one pass through the bushes...and that was while she was on her way to decimate my grape tomatoes. Worse than the birds, that lady is.