March 6, 2013

When I Open My Eyes, I See: Day 1

I got the idea from Grace over at notice and document the things I love in my world.  I hope the noticing nudges me back into some desperately needed balance and the documenting, well, that is where the learning comes in. 

So here goes seven days of opening my eyes around here.

In fact, here is the first thing I see when I open my eyes in the morning...lately, around 6 am.

It is a crusty old beauty, my window, put it during the 1750s.  I lift the blind (a tear-droppy little number that makes me SO happy)  and see the day. When I am feeling highly evolved, I remember to truly See the Day Ahead and feel exquisite amounts of gratitude. For the morning, for the choices that led me to this farmhouse in Pennsylvania instead of a condo in suburban Detroit.  I think about the people who have looked out of this window over the past 250 years.  I bask in the bright blue of the surrounding plaster...I think about things other than myself. 

That, by the way, would be a rare day. 

 I am more likely to rekindle my anger at my truly evil neighbor, whose existence necessitated all the fencing that wasn't there before. Or  start wondering why paint won't stick to the window sash and look at all the chips in the plaster and while we're on the subject, I better remember to call the electrician, get Dad's Medicare papers in order, get fuel delivery on automatic, know The List.

The learning hits me right now.  When looking through a window, you have a choice of what to see.


  1. documenting is important. you can go back.
    you can check up on yourself.
    stuff changes and this is good.
    I love your morning window

  2. I am finding that documenting is making me be truthful with myself and I need that.