March 8, 2013

Day 2: About a Wall

I garden in raised beds.  Billy and Clutch take the "bed" part very seriously.

The garden butts up against a low stone wall that Himself made on his 40th birthday.  Last summer, we replaced the chicken wire that Billy kept pulling down (just to sit in some dirt???) with a dream-come-true fence, made to our thoughts by "Outside the Box" Steve.... a shameless bribe from Himself to make me stop hollering about moving to get away from The Evil Neighbor.

Which still didn't stop this.

So Himself, not anywhere near 40 anymore, took it upon himself to make more wall. He locked each piece of good ole Pennsylvania river rock to another, stone by stone, row by row.  The rocks were laid out all over the place, he paced back and forth till he found the right one. Or hurled it off if it didn't work and began pacing anew.  Look what he did:

 He did this for me.  So as I come to Day 2 of noticing what I love, it has to be this.  A man who would make this for Me...not for the garden (he doesn't eat much of what I grow), but for me.  He makes me laugh and he builds me stone walls.  What more could a girl want in a boy?


  1. the reason to live in Pennsylvania...these
    THIS WALL, THIS FENCE...ohhhhhh....
    i love these.
    and yes. you have an exceptional
    man that loves you.
    and this is a garden i look forward to
    Julie...thank you for these photographs...

  2. Oh thanks for the noticing, Grsce.
    yeah, these rocks in Pa are something...there are low walls running through forests everywhere, long gone farmers trying to make lemonade with the lemons they had to dig up to plant