March 11, 2013

An Idea Catches Fire

Last night, trying again to find my balance amidst the chaos of my parents' move here, I felt pulled to those fruit juicy blocks I wove last fall.  I started to arrange them on the floor, trying one sequence after another. Then they jumped to the wall in a way that started to move the parts inside me into place.

 There was this.

Hmm.  What if I invert it?  Rather than shuffle all them blocks around yet again, I simply cocked my head to the side.  So I could see this.

I forgot that right behind, there was this.

And within seconds, there was this.

The end.


  1. It is amazing how it changes by inverting it. I prefere the inverted version, it stronger in my view. And I love the flow of the colors, beautiful.
    for the rest ... you had good luck!

  2. Thanks for coming by, Doris! I am going to stitch it together and then can turn it all around without all the drama.

  3. you set your hair on fire??????? DID you?????
    burning boots...burning bush
    and i love how that one piece with the red and blue square in the dark becomes what i feel
    as a Big Wonderful QUESTION.
    how are you going to stitch it? on scrim/harem cloth????and will you invisible baste (please)
    and i can just
    how that will feel

    1. hiya grace, yes indeed, I did set my hair on fire. If that were not pathetic enough, every place I go, I get alarmed because I smell something burning (and it is me).

      Stitching...been thinking about the process a lot and the current plan is to make small units first, since I have to weave each square to its neighbor. Each is in its own harem cloth and i was thinking of backing with sometihing muslinlike, mostly because this is about 6 by 8 now and i don't have that much harem cloth left.

      the black squares, yes, they are really waiting for story, aren't they??

  4. oh this is delicious, the boots are cool and is that hair lace or a radical act of change!?

    1. Ah, Mo, you are really on a lace journey as I recall from your blog...seeing lace even in the shreds of my hair...feeling like I should ship it to you and see what it turns into!!!

    2. ah I just noticed the flame in the boot... why not bury the hair in a little ritual of letting go in thanks for the equinox next week, what a way to bring yourself to attention!

  5. Right now, its only big enough for my side, but since you are there most of the night, that shouldn't be a problem...

  6. oh my what a funny story, I mean it all turned out okay!!
    and I just love your woven 'bits' and all of them put together is just 'fantabulous', the sum being so much MORE than all the parts