January 21, 2013

Three Things Converge

Three things have converged this month.  First...this photo from last summer, when Jude was making rainbows from things in her path.

with kind permission, Jude Hill 2012
With kind permission, Jude Hill 2012

Second, the words to a song I heard on the radio: "You are where you have been."  (Still can't find the source of it, anyone know?)

And third, cloth weavings that I started after my knee replacement when I couldn't do much of anything besides sit in one place. I just cranked them out, one after another, without knowing why.  All I knew is that I felt so peaceful, so healed in the ripping, weaving, and stitching. (Don't know why this happens but it never fails. Anyone know why, or perhaps who really cares why?)

So that led to this fruit-juicy sandwich.

When you lay out a representative from each color, you get stuff like this:

 So these three things have converged into my Story Cloth.  "I Am Where I Have Been."  

The weavings will dance in some sort of spectrum around a central cloth (not sure what yet)...on each one, I want to stitch a chapter of where I have been.  Maybe a path that wanders through each and walks into the center. 

And where have I been in 58 years that defines me? In the northern Michigan forests, in the wilderness of Israel, in daughterhood, motherhood, in love, in divorce, in infertility and adoption, in the wrong life, in the greatest romance in the world, in Hebrew and the chant of Torah, in intimate giggles with girls, in back seats with boys, in the smell of my horse's snort, in high heels, in dreams of cowgirls and ghost towns...see how it goes?

So its like telling the world you are on a diet (oh yeah, been there, too. Like maybe twice a year). I want to do this.


  1. Ah, so glad you have decided to do this! the colors yell and holler at me, and the paragraph of where you've been is pure intrigue and lovely writing, to boot!

  2. Such deliciousness! You piece and tell your story so well.

  3. Thank you thank you! One of the other Places I have been is a professional writer. I have always wanted to marry words to image and voila, someone invented blogs!

  4. oh, just a resounding YES!!! to it all! i remember back in the
    class when i first tore strips and wove. and sat outside under the
    Old Apricot tree and invisibly basted. it was total and sheer
    ecstasy. nothing less.
    and then i made that Daughter cloth that i needed a step ladder to
    weave the strips. MORE ecstasy. so, yes. physiologically, i think
    it is a perfect cross over between the physical functions of the
    brain, right to left left to right, the rhythm, the motion, begun by
    that thrilling sound of ripping cloth. i wish there was a job one
    could get of a Cloth Strip Ripper. i would take it in a heartbeat.

    and THEN....oh...these beautiful weavings and your words about the
    center piece...just so EXCITING....i am FULL of anticipation of
    what will rise up for this....

    What a joyful post and YES, to the marriage of word and Hand this
    cloth blogging is, yes???? i am SO happy for you and from that for me


    1. Wanted: Person to rip cloth into uneven strips with abandon.

  5. I came by for a moment from Diaries to see your pup and his red ball- what a great dog you have. Ha! Now, this post and the photos of your woven pieces lined up and extending out of the frames of the photo made me fill them in- like they are a long road stretching around your house, out the door, up the street... Just brought me a lot of delight! Thanks, and see you over at Diaries.

  6. I don't know the song but I found this....is this the song you meant?

  7. Nope, it was definitely something in the folk genre. I have googled the lyrics for days now and can't come up with anything even close. I probably imagined it, wouldn't that be so cool???

  8. You are where you have been..... Wherever they came from they are great words. Right now I feel like Im stick where I have been stuck and look forward to feeling some movement. Love your woven color studies.