January 16, 2013

Billy Makes a Boro Bed

Several years ago, we got some fabulous, very expensive Keiko Goke fabric in at work.  Because Liza is so generous about employee discounts, I could get enough to make a duvet cover that made us very happy.   

Especially Billy Dog, who can't rest until he makes a nest. So duvet cover got sliced and diced and it all looked pretty grim until the "duh" bell went off in my head. I've been living the patchwork life...but the notion of making an actual patch went right by me. 

Now we have the start of a lovely boro bed.

After all, its really about how you look at it all...as a rip or as the heart of a patch?

Billy, meanwhile, is hard at work on his next project....boro futon.  With matching pillow.


1 comment:

  1. oh....look! he is thinking...he is making
    decisions, design mending.

    and for you, isn't the satisfaction just so
    GREAT to have boro'd??????