June 29, 2016

While You're Waiting...

I am trying to write a brilliant post about Kindred Spirits. It is taking me a long time because 1) I can't bear to come in from the yard in this beautiful green June; and 2) Picasa is stubbornly holding on to the mistaken belief that my photo files are corrupt.

So while I 1)wait for a rainy day and 2) wind my way through yet more troubleshooting forums (fora?), I have some news to keep you entertained.  Oddly enough, it too is on the theme of Kindred Spirits.

For Molly has found hers, in the form of her new friend.
 Meet Tui, a four-year-old formerly male boxer. He's a rescue from a family who adopted him several years ago as a stray and then had to relocate to New Zealand and did not want to put him through the rigorous quarantine requirements.

 My best guess is that this explains his name: a tui is a New Zealand bird with a stark white chest (feel free to step in and get the record straight here, Mo).  His two inner toenails on each foot are white, while the outer ones are black.

He loves squeaky toys and food on the counter and jumping into bed with us at 5:30 AM.  It took the obligatory three weeks and then we became a new family.

Here we go again....


  1. becoming a family. yes. and i like very much how he photographs indigo.

  2. Amazing how I just dive in headfirst to a pool lined with heartbreak! That would be love. I never noticed the indigo but yes, he is. In person, he is an inkjet.

  3. oh God, Julie he is beautiful, a family is what they make....

  4. Thank goodness you are still ready to make the dive...what a handsome boy!

  5. congratulations!
    p.s. he is so handsome

  6. happy meeting.....almost total giving

    happy moments with this beauty

  7. Thank you all!! He is a quiet man, but a deeply loving one.

  8. Mazel tov! Welcome to the neighborhood Tui!