January 30, 2015

Good Dog

Clutchie died in his sleep last night,
curled up on his couch.
After a good day of playing ball.


  1. What...oh no. Dear Good Dog, I am so sorry for you and himself. I'll remember Clutch as a hero, a giving dog and will honor him by repeating the fortune that was in a fortune cookie that he was given a while ago:

    "You have an uncanny willingness and ability to help others."

    And you did Clutch, even for those of us who only knew you through Julie's window. Even though my girls had a dog, a big old mix of lab and German Shepherd named Skipper, I have always been just a little afraid of dogs. Seeing photos of you, your special training, your certificates, reading about your endeavors and adventures here, has gone a long way to helping me. You never knew that but it did so I thank you. You will be missed.

  2. There are no easy partings, but this is one that makes my heart hurt in a good way somehow. Tears for you ...

  3. oh no, Julie
    i don't know what to say, it's tough is what it is

  4. Oh what sorrow. Our dear friends make such a gap in our lives when they leave us.

  5. oh such empty spaces..may memories help to fill them..but oh it so hurts gentle day..

  6. Thank you all. I don't have any better words right now except those two.

  7. Oh geez, Julie, thank you for these words. He made for good stories, that's for sure.