December 29, 2014

End of Year Accounting

Things Lost in 2014

1. 32 pounds and eight bags of clothes in sizes from XL to OV (Oy Vey).
 2. Eyesight.
3. Hearing in left ear
4. Ambition
5. Clarity.

Things Gained in 2014
1. 21 completely embroidered birds...
... complete with colorful troglydytes...

...three incubating birds...
...and the last nine birds in the hatchery.

2. Two potholders pieced from the scrap box
3.  Three new editions to the Cabinet of Wondertrip journals snug in their new rugs.
4. All 293 octagons for the wedding quilt.
5. 36 completed books, according to my bedside notebook.
6. Treasured new clothes, so for almost the first time in my life, I can wear what I feel, instead of just what I can zip up and/or what camoflages.
7. Copious amounts of facial hair
8. A measured degree of surrender to What Is
9. All you supportive, lively, and lovely folks in my life. And in my heart. The very best of 2015 for you all.


  1. It began with grace telling me to go look at this blog called Threading the Dog. I did and found a post about worms in a garden and I was hooked and so intrigued. Julie, your ability with words and photos to share your life with warmth, wit, humor, deep thoughts and honest caring, have given me joy, laughter, many AHA moments and tears of recognition and moments of understanding. I am so glad that I arrived here where I look forward to continuing onward to 2015 sharing all that you thread along your path BECAUSE while we all lead different lives, we connect in how we tell of our lives, we reach out and this is such a gift.

    1. I could feast for days on the praise you spoon in to me! Glad those worms hooked you in because I love when you drop by, usually right in the front row.

  2. Marti always says what I wished I had said, so ditto. At some point in every post you write, I find myself laughing. Thank you for everything and best wishes for 2015 right back at ya.

    1. Thanks so much for saying it out loud, Dana, it feels great.

  3. I like your accounting methods ... and your sense of humor. Here's to the new year ... may it add to your peace and happiness

  4. Oh thank you, love how you can make me laugh Julie!
    Clink! (sound of coffee cup against computer screen here at dawn)
    here's a toast to you and yours for 2015!

    1. And you guys get there first, right?!!! I can't imagine how it will be for you not to wear a raincoat under your roof to you and Old Man

  5. your posts full of joyous and deep thoughts will, at the very least, bring a smile to my face, although usually I'm laughing very noisily and end up reading them out loud to my husband who joins in the merriment! Thank you Julie for bringing this to our lives, do keep on sharing your embroidery/hiking/gardening/cabinet exploits and everything else that you get up to, I always feel energized after having been here.

    wishing you and your man all the best for 2015, may the creative juices keep on flowing

    1. I love the image of being to the van Herwaarden Household what the Funny Pages were to pre-TV homes. It has been a wonderful year getting to know each other, Saskia.

  6. you accomplished a LOT! the 32 lbs...that's BIG, that is wonderful because i know it
    makes you happy. For me, an ample figure is something to be lusted over. I could
    Gain 32 lbs. and FACIAL HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!! eeeeeeeee.....i always forget to pluck till i
    see the sun glint off a few in the rearview mirror of the i'm With you on this one.
    And the birds. the birds. just so much love the birds. Just the birds would have been
    enough in only one year.
    I love you and your HeartMind that you share so beautifully. And all the comments
    to my wandering thoughts that you give in such a direct and thoughtful way. Everything.
    Everything about you. All of it. and so much look forward to more as the days come and
    go. Love to you and Thank You....

    1. Well, never fear, I am still more than ample. Ample Woman. Cool.

      Reflective hairs in the rearview mirror? Ha, you are but a mere innocent. Find "Werewolf" with Jack Nicholson somewhere and watch the scene in the bathroom where he, um, crosses species. That would be me.

      I will make you a bird. On a goat. With troglodytes.