October 16, 2014

Back to the Birds

Oddly enough, while my soul was going through the spiritual laundromat, my hands have been busy with the simplest of stitches.

Or maybe it is not so odd.

I made this little window hanging to help remind a dear one of her intention, which is to be more like the sun in the lives of those around her.
 And of course I am still having a love affair with my birds, who now are six.
I took the time to learn how to do the fancy-shmancy embroidery stitches Sue Spargo recommends in the pattern. I am shocked, shocked I say, by how much I love doing all this intricate stuff since I tend to think of myself as the proverbial bull in the needlecraft shop.   But look how much personality they give to my flock:
Drizzle stitch make hair!
Pistil stitch makes a garden
Woven picot stitch makes beaks
Bullion knots make...well, whatever this is.
And just in case you're keeping track, I have 208 of the 276 octagons I need for the wedding one-block wonder completed. I am counting on winter camp for the rest. Ok, gotta go, off to the dentist to replace a cap that just can't handle the amount of Atomic Fireballs I eat.


  1. your Flock indeed. Ever growing and the stitches are just so fine...maybe someday i
    might succumb to the urge to work some of these?? Yours encourage me.

    the tenderness of the pink around the Heat of the Sun is perfect. Perfect for the Intention.

  2. your birds are a delight and love your tending of the sun's soul

    1. Thank you, Mo. I am getting more relaxed and more brave with each one.

  3. how did it wash?

    I love all your fancy stitching and they add loads of character to the birds; yes, getting one's head and fingers around all the unfamiliar sewing is a challenge, but well worth the effort

  4. Probably was a lot easier to learn the stitches when you had a grandmother or aunt to show you how to do them, its a bear following those little diagrams in a book. This is one time I think you-tube has improved the quality of my life