March 6, 2014

Small Bird Makes Trouble

Our world is still very much covered by snow and ice. It is hard for the birds who had misread the news about global warming and opted not to fly south this winter.  It ain't easy out there and I've tried to help by keeping the feeders full. 

This has turned into a full time job, given the favorable reviews we've gotten in the avian press and local word-of-beak recommendations. Every once in awhile, I turn my attention away from the birds and to other silly things, like working, cooking, sleeping. And the feeders run dry.

This apparently does not sit well with Small Bird, who has started prounion rumblings out among the flock. This morning, I came down to get my coffee and there, propped right up against the coffee pot, was this communique:
On one hand, I admire his mastery of American civics. The Constitution of the United States, after all, begins much the same way:
On the other hand, there are those here who are starting to wonder if he is another Eurotrash Communist infiltrator looking for handouts from the good, kind people of my country.


  1. omg Julie, I ALMOST wet myself reading this post....He sure is a handful for such a small creature, do you know I believe the smaller they are the more chaos they are capable of creating.....hmmm, the avian migrations cause havoc on both sides of the ocean it would seem: here in the Netherlands we cannot seem to get rid of the so-called overwintering geese, they like it here so much as the foodcrops are so plentiful they stay all year round........squeezing out the natives....we all know what happens then, but do we learn from History?
    anyway bravo to Small Bird for making his way in the New World and I sincerely hope he does not abuse his foreigner-status, may the snow start melting soon and the land be bountiful once more for all your country's inhabitants!

  2. Well,there was one more angry note (I am not kidding) that discussed what my car would look like when the lumpen avian proletariat was through with it, which moved me right outside to fill the feeders. Did anyone leave a thank you note? NO, but then again, after four kids, I'm used to a regular diet of ingratitude.