December 29, 2013

Hey y'all

Just got home from a week in New Orleans, where the trees grow some mighty odd fruit.

The natives apparently dry them out in the sun...
...and then use them in graveside rituals...
Or as offerings to their gods.

Then, just an hour away from all this silliness, is 20,000 acres of this.
As always, I have wonderfully clever yet profoundly meaningful observations to share. But first, I need to go grocery shopping, vacuum up muddy paw prints, and play with my dogs. The best of all good things for the new year to you all.


  1. thanks for the view from New Orleans Julie! Old Man Crow and I had the best 24 hours of our lives there in 1999, deep magic lies just underneath all the glitz and high jinks.

    1. I think some of your music pals are still sitting on a stoop on Frenchman St. All the best for the new year to you and the ole man, Mo...funny to think you are already in 2014.

  2. as always I am deeply moved by your wise words;-)
    so moved in fact tears (of laughter) are streaming down my cheeks
    all the best to you too Julie, may you keep on playing with the dogs

    1. I knew I could move you.. happy new year to you and all your boys.

  3. Replies
    1. Hmm...I will have to think that over. It was one hike where I did not dare duck off the trail to pee, as I usually do. Something about the alligators, the snakes, the giant spiders sitting there ready to bite my naked ass helped me hold it in for two hours. All the best for your calendering tonight, grace.