May 13, 2013

Shopping for Himself

I was on the coast of Maine last week, visiting daughter and getting to relive the early spring once again. (If you just keep traveling north 10 degrees latitude every week, would you get to stay in May forever?)

I spent a lot of time shopping for Himself...on the beach at Moosepoint State Park. Here's what I brought home for him.

I had to haul it all from the beach to the car parked up on the road, about half a mile away.  In two loads. In the rain. But it was worth it, because the last time I scavenged wood for him, I got this:
And this.
Sometimes, the objects he forms from our forays are functional.
this used to be a shutter on our house
His daughter demanded one for herself...
As did mine.
And so did the dogs. They got another shutter from the house
Sometimes, the projects are just to marvel at.
 As is the man Himself.


  1. WHAT a world you live in!!!!!!
    i can imagine all sorts of things from these pics...and this
    is the same Dumpling that created that stone wall for you...
    some women Luck Out.....

    1. Well, you've been married, Grace, so you well know that some days Dumplings float, other times they sink to the bottom of the bowl.I love him but I can't get Buckwheat out of my mind....

  2. oh wow! OH WOW!! I love wood and how your man has made use of it is Absolutely Wonderful and Inspiring!

    1. Isn't it? Unfortunately, his successes with found objects work against my constant efforts to get rid of things around here.

  3. Ha you two share the most wonderful sense of the absurd!

  4. Wow, you put your finger on it exactly!