April 4, 2013


I'm working on one of those posts with Big Thoughts.  Meanwhile, I will entertain you with the OTHER girl on my bulletin board.
Judging by the way the guys around her are dressed, this must be the 1920s.  I see more than her vampiness...maybe her independence? Her ability to command your attention?  Who knows...I just know I love her to pieces.

And I wonder a lot how she turned out.  I never forget that the blue-haired ladies blocking Aisle 5 with a shopping cart, the invisible women lining the halls of the nursing home, the aunt with the funny-smelling apartment...they are each the stuff of the black and white photos scattered on the flea market table.  You just can't tell unless you know how to see.


  1. could they be the Same girl? time going forward or back? i was Her, too.

  2. you have travelled everywhere, that is what makes you so...magnetic?..to us all