April 17, 2013

Julie vs The Ivy

I've put aside my cloth problems because I've been drafted into a war with my English Ivy. It dazzles you into complacency with its beauty but here's what is left of the fence it had gobbled up.
 It marches slowly but firmly...
...pulling apart patio bricks, climbing into the pool heater, sneaking through the wood siding and into the basement!  I started pulling and yanking the little bastards up by the roots for hours.  And I'm headed back out there now.  After I finish clearing, I plan on taking the love of my life--my trusty Mantis tiller--through their encampments.

As God is my witness, there will never be ivy again!


  1. HA! Loved this post. Am having me own wars over here ... may not be ivy, but a devious pack of thugs nonetheless. If only my favorite perennials grew with such voracity!

    Best wishes [fist raised, too!]

    1. Eek, what thugs? Weeds, insects, or street gangs? Just read Michael Pollan's old book on things in the garden--did you know these voracious weeds ONLY grow where there was man?

  2. oooooooooooooo, it has a tenacle...with bristles......eeeee, we don't have that here.
    just WIND, threatening to flatten our world. i guess everyplace has something.
    i admire your Resolve. those little mantis' are just great, aren't they. a friend brought one
    here once. YOU GO!!!!!!

  3. I can already hear the ivy roots that I missed laughing and procreating....this manuever apparently will buy me five years, which is a good amount of cease fire.